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Community Plan, Community Led Development Programme Application & Community Meeting

Kia ora

We are excited to announce an exciting development for Fab Feathy and the Featherston Community!

As you may know, Fab Feathy has been working to submit an application for Featherston to be selected for five years of  investment, from the Department of Internal Affairs (DIA)’s Community Led Development Programme, to achieve our community goals. If selected, Featherston will be able to access support and funding to achieve shared community goals for five years.

Invites only – and Featherston’s been invited!

Fab Feathy was working towards submitting an application in the next general application round in February 2018. Featherston is so awesome, however, that we have been invited to apply to an extraordinary round, closing 24 August 2017. It is an amazing opportunity and we are going for it!

We have been invited to apply because Fab Feathy can demonstrate how much support there is in our community to get together to talk about our goals and to work together to achieve them.

This support is demonstrated, for example, by the number of people/groups who are already working together and doing great things in Featherston. It is also evidenced in the numbers of community members that participated in Fab Feathy’s activities, such as the Potluck and the Our Future Featherston Survey. We could not have done this without you!

If our application is successful, DIA will partner with us for five years and, once the partnership agreement is in place, we will be able to request funding to achieve community goals.

The community plan

Fab Feathy has developed a community plan based on the feedback gathered from the community. The plan provides a summary of:

  • the opportunities the community had to provide feedback;
  • the results of the activities to gather community feedback;
  • community conversations about how the community works together and with stakeholders toward achieving community aspirations; and
  • proposed next steps actions.

Have a good read of it and let us know if you spot any mistakes. Please feel free to share it with others; paper copies are also available to read at the Featherston Community Centre, the Featherston Library, and Loco Coffee & Books.

The plan is intended to be a living document; we consider it a community resource that can continue to be adapted to suit community needs and priorities.


Community Meeting: DIA assessment of our application

DIA is coming to town to talk to Fab Feathy and community members about the application. The purpose of the meeting is for DIA to gauge whether or not Featherston is ready to be selected for the CLD Programme.

To be selected, we will need to demonstrate a genuine commitment to the principles of community-led development in Featherston.

We will be asking people in the community, those with knowledge and can speak to particular points of interest to DIA, to support us to have those conversations.

We hope you can come along to show your support for the plan and the application to CLDP.

  • Sunday 27 August 4:30 pm to 6:00 pm
  • Kiwi Hall
  • Tea, coffee & biscuits provided
  • Contact us on fabfeathy@outlook.co.nz

Fingers crossed it all goes well, and that we will be a step closer, when we next do an update, to Featherston securing some resourcing to support us to work together towards our goals.


The Fab Feathy Team.


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Fab Feathy July/August update

Kia ora

It’s been a while. Over the Winter months, Fab Feathy has been beavering away working on analysing your feedback. We would like to thank the community again for your contributions so far to the community-led development project that Fab Feathy has been facilitating in Featherston. We were blown away we are by the depth of thought that has gone into your ideas for enhancing the future of our community.

We received 205 responses to the Our Future Featherston survey, and great turnouts to the community potluck dinner (April) and afternoon tea (May), and around 450 suggestions posted onto notice boards around town. These are the results of the Our Future Featherston Survey and a Summary of Themes from all of the community input are attached.

All the community input is currently being developed into a proposed community plan, soon to be made available.

We hope this plan will support us work together and that it will help the Featherston community secure long-term government support to achieve our community goals.

We will send a separate message out soon to ask people to put their hands up to help keep the ball rolling on exciting developments.

Please think about how you can contribute your skills and time to ensuring that our vibrant town can reap the benefits of community-led development. 

Thanks from Fab Feathy!

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Help Keep the Centre Open

Established in 1992, the Featherston Community Centre is owned by a trust on behalf of the community. Rental fees cover half of our expenses. For the rest we rely on grants, donations and services in kind. Please help us by making a tax-refundable donation on our GiveALittle page.

Thank you!

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Campaign to Save the Billboards

Thank you for your kind donations! We have raised $600 and this campaign is now closed. Four of Kathy Bartlett's billboards have been on loan at the entrance of the Featherston Community Centre. Now through this Givealitte campaign you have helped raise $600 for these four plus and additional two remaining portraits in this series. Thank you for helping us keep this taonga for the good folk of Featherston. Link to our Givealittle Billboard Campaign.

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Featherston Toy Library Reopens

Featherston Toy Library Reopens

Fully fenced and freshly relocated to the Centre. We are a small toy library, run by volunteers - to make Featherston more fun for you! Open Tuesday and Saturdays 10:00 to noon. You can join the toy library:

  • Standard membership 40 per year
  • Rostered member $20 per year
  • Grandparent $10 per year

Call 06 308 6148 to volunteer or for more info

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Wairarapa Art Sale May 2017

Wairarapa Art Sale May 2017

Well that was fun. Thanks and see you next year!

Opening - Thursday 11 May 2017, 6pm. Gallery open daily during the Featherston Booktown weekend, 12-14 May 10-5pm ('til 12 on Sunday).

The Wairarapa Art Sale is a great way for us to showcase Wairarapa artists and fund projects that benefit the community. Once again, it will be held during the weekend of  Featherston Booktown, who have kindly agreed for us to operate at the same time.


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Fab Feathy: April Update

A Fantastic response!

Have you done the Fab Feathy 5-minute survey yet? The Fab Feathy 5-minute Survey can be done right here, right now - or you can grab a paper copy from the Featherston Library or the Featherston Community Centre.

This morning we reached 193 survey responses!!! Kara Pennington is ecstatic about the number of responses: "Yay - Go Featherston!" She explains that the participation percentage of the Featherston community is well above the average compared to other communities.

She says: "We want at minimum of 200 responses; 250 would be great; 300 would be excellent. We can do it!" If you have already done the survey, please encourage more people to have their say. The survey runs until the end of April.

Community + Potluck = Great ideas & Fun Times!

When there is a good thing happening, our community turns up! And the Featherston community turned up in  large numbers for the Fab Feathy Community Potluck Dinner last Sunday 2 April - we reckon there were well over 200 people, from ages 0 to 90 and from all walks of life. We had the most amazing time - and we hope you did too.

Thank you to everyone who attended, brought yum food, shared your ideas, played music, took photos, set up, cleaned up, and who contributed and supported the event in a myriad of amazing ways! Check out the THANK YOU list here; if you think someone's been missed out, please contact us on fabfeathy@outlook.co.nz.

What happens next?

We are still buzzing from everyone's generosity of ideas and contributions. Please keep in touch and join us again at the next community event Sunday 28 May!

At this meeting we plan to use the feedback we have gathered from the community as a basis from which to develop a set of community goals and to identify what priority projects might help us achieve those goals. We really hope to see you there.

Why Fab Feathy? Why Community-led Development?

In the April Phoenix article we heard from Mark Shepherd, one of the Fab Feathy members, about why Mark chose this particular group to be involved with.

"I am involved with the Fab Feathy project because I have a real passion for the success and growth of our awesome town."

The Fab Feathy Community-Led Development project is building on what is happening now, and working together as a community to create the future that our community wants. Mark explains: "But we can only do it with the backing of our community. That is why we are asking for your suggestions and ideas."

It is important to us that everyone has an opportunity to have a say

Mark also reiterated that we want to hear from as many Featherston people as possible about what they want to see for our great community. "You may have seen our noticeboards and suggestion boxes around town. A big thanks to everyone who has kindly hosted the noticeboards/boxes and to all of you who have shared ideas. We are pleased to say there is no shortage of great ideas in the community - keep them coming!"


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Fab Feathy: March Update

Update for March

Have your say with the Fab Feathy 5-minute Survey

Our survey is a really quick and easy way to give us your feedback. For those of you that aren’t connected or don’t like to use the internet, a copy of the survey is published in this edition of the Phoenix. Just fill it out and drop into one of our collection boxes (see survey for more detail).

All completed surveys will go in the draw for coffee vouchers. We have heaps to give away thanks to Loco, Gusto Cafe, and ESCVelocity.

Community Potluck Dinner Sunday 2 April, 5 pm, Anzac Hall.

Come along and share some kai, share your ideas and find out what others have told us they want for Featherston. Hope to see you there!

Community-led Development in Featherston

Community-led development is based on the notion that local ideas, wisdom and locals working together is the best way to bring about the change we want as a community.

We have a wonderful tradition of community-led development in Featherston. The Fab Feathy project is about continuing this tradition, building on what is happening now and working together to create the future that the Featherston community wants.

The first task Fab Feathy have set ourselves is to hear from as many Featherston people as possible, from all walks of life. We need input from the whole community to identify Featherston’s collective aspirations and come up with a plan to achieve those aspirations together.

Thanks for the support and input so far

To collect your ideas, we have had noticeboards and suggestion boxes at several places around town:
• Loco Cafe
• Supervalue
• Featherston Library
• Featherston Medical Centre
• Featherston Train Station
• Featherston Community Centre
• Town and Country Café

Massive thanks to those who have kindly hosted the noticeboards and to all who have shared ideas via the noticeboards.

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Fab Feathy: November Update

What future do you want for Featherston?

Fab Feathy has been beavering away planning opportunities to get your feedback.

We kicked off the process to get your ideas for Featherston’s future with an “ideas noticeboard” at Loco and we can tell you this much, there is no shortage of great ideas in our community! If this is a taster of what is to come; bring it on! To enable more feedback, we are installing more noticeboards around town (e.g. at Supervalue, Featherston Community Centre, Featherston Library, and more) - for all those great ideas that pop up in your head when you are browsing the shelves looking for the next page-turner or getting your lotto ticket! Make sure you seek out these places and give us your two cents.

If you are more of an online creature, we are developing an online survey to seek your feedback. Once we have the survey up and running we will publicise it here, and in the Phoenix.

A quick snapshot of ideas so far includes: community events, walking and cycle trails, improved communication, community orchard and foodshare, developing Wairarapa Moana, safer footpaths, more jobs/training for young people, afterschool care, an integrated town. While we are seeing diversity in suggestions, it is pleasing to see much community agreement on aspirations for Featherston’s future.

Community-Led Development is about our community working together to generate our own locally-led future. This is why is it great to see some of the ideas the community is wanting already underway with locals taking the initiative; especially in the community events and culture space. If you didn’t check out the First Friday Extravaganza in November, then give it a shot this month – this is a vibrant, fun for all ages community event with great tunes!

Last but not least, big ups to all the people who responded to our shout out for help in the November Phoenix article.

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‘Have a Go Week’ in Featherston!

Between 5-11 September people in Featherston are invited to Have a Go at trying or learning something new. The Featherston Community Centre has joined forces with Wairarapa REAP, Literacy Wairarapa, and an amazing range of adult learning providers and volunteer groups who already offer opportunities to learn something new - right here in Featherston.

On Tuesday 6th & Thursday 8th September you can pop by the Menz Shed in Featherston on Fox Street for a look-see, or have a go at a small project. On Monday 5th you can pop by the Centre to join the Monday Drop-In Knitting & Crafts Group working on their projects, and also find out more about the Featherston Footprints. On Tuesday, you can have a go at doing some art with Juesday Art, on Wednesday 7th, you can join Literacy Wairarapa and check out Pathways Ararua - a great tool for literacy, numeracy and learning the Road Code! Later, you can try out the Ukulele with the Ukulele group. And finally, on Friday 9th September, you can pop by the Needlework and Craft Drop-In - for a little taster session in knitting or a look-see of their many wonderful projects. It's all for free - and it often comes with a nice hot cuppa.

Check out the local timetable so you can get planning! Make sure you email the Centre or call 06 308 8239 to let us know that you might be coming. And check out the Wairarapa-wide Have a Go timetable - lots more things to try out!

The Have a Go Week is part of a nationwide campaign called ‘Learning Nation’, and a focus for this year’s celebration of Adult Learning. It acknowledges that lifelong learning is vital for a rich, rewarding life and worthy of a conversation. Adult Learners’ Week/He Tangata Mātauranga, celebrates all adult learning, whether it’s up skilling for a better job, preparing for further study, improving life skills or having fun. Every year thousands of ACE providers, educators, learners and supporters organise a huge range of events to highlight the value of adult learning.

One of the highlights of the week is the presentation of a range of awards. The awards - including Outstanding Adult Learner and Exceptional Adult Educator Award - recognise and celebrate the full variety of contributors to adult learning; the learners, educators and providers.

If you know someone in your local community that deserves this award; someone who is really trying hard to pick up new skills that can help them progress and reach their goals, even turn their lives around - or someone who is an exceptional educator, please take the opportunity to nominate. The deadline for nominations of local awards for learners and educators closes 29 August.

If you would like to nominate someone, to find more information about making a nomination, or find more information on Adult Learners Week, go to www.aceaotearoa.org.nz/events/adult-learners-week-0

Alternatively, download the nominations forms and awards information and guide to nominating. Please email your nominations to jude.mcneur@waireap.org.nz by 29 August 2016.

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2016 Annual General Meeting – 27 July – 7:30pm

It is that time of year when the Featherston Community Centre Charitable Trust is holding their AGM. This is a chance to meet with the Board of Trustees who will share the financial and performance statements for the past year. There will not be any resolutions or voting at the AGM, but there will be opportunity to ask questions, to learn about the Community Centre and to share ideas for the future.

Following the presentations by the Board, we will be delighted to present our special guest speaker, Peter Biggs. Peter is a visionary and a true friend of Featherston. As chair of Wellington Regional Economic Development Agency, Peter will speak to us about what he sees for the Future of Featherston. As always, the fire will be on and we will close the evening with a light supper.

If you or someone you know is interested in volunteering at the Centre or serving on the board, we’d be happy to talk with you about this at the AGM. RSVP by 6pm Friday 22 July to info@fcc.nz or 06 308 8239.

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Wairarapa Art Sale 2016 – a great success!

Wairarapa Art Sale 2016 – a great success!

The Wairarapa Art Sale was a great success for the Centre and our local artists! More than 130 works were on display over the weekend, and with over 70 art works sold, we fundraised well over $2000 for the Centre! We also had a ball on the opening night - what a lovely community Featherston is!!!

We want to thank all Wairarapa Art Sale Exhibiting Artists who exhibited their work, and all our wonderful Volunteers & Sponsors who helped make this a very successful event! We also want to thank Geoff Wooles for providing a wonderful landscape design for the Centre - which is the project for which we are currently fundraising for. Thank you also to everyone who commented on the plan and provided ideas for the project!

Thank you!!!... and let's do it again next year!

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Wairarapa Community Preparedness Training

What would you and your family do in the event of an earthquake or other disaster? Do you know your local hazards? How can you work with your community to get through a disaster?

Wairarapa Community Preparedness Training: Sunday 13th and 20th March 2015 9am-3pm, Greytown Town Centre (WBS Room), 89 Main Street, Greytown. To find our more or to register for a course check out the Wairarapa Community Preparedness flyer.

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Join Burton Trent for Open Mic Event on Waitangi Day

Burton Trent and friends are offering an open mike day on Feb 6th. Come and have a sing and we will back you. Be there early (noon) if you need us to work out a song for you. Note, it is a non-alcohol event.

Where? The Featherston Community Centre, 14 Wakefield Street, Green Street Gates. Gold coin entry or a donation to help pay for the venue.

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Featherston White Ribbon Event

We would like to thank everyone who helped make the Featherston White Ribbon event on 25 Nov happen! It was amazing to see the support in the community, and so many people enjoying themselves at Clifford Square, that afternoon, bringing blankets, taking part in hoola hooping and Ki O Rahi, eating many a sausage or other yummy foods, and listening to the great performances. We recorded MANY (number tbc) signatures taking the pledge to condemn violence towards women.

(All photos by Siv B. Fjaerestad)

Thank you to:

Sponsors/donations/equipment/assistance: Beehive, Breadcraft,  City Care, Colin Olds (generator), Connecting Communities Wairarapa, Family Works, Featherston Community Centre, Featherston Lions Club, Featherston Menz Shed, Featherston’s Own Charitable Trust, Featherston Youth Programme, Hi-Tech, Katie Beattie & Emily Greenberg (rope & sacks), Ron Hughes and Featherston Athletics/Rugby/Schools, RD1,Trust House, Gerry Brooking and Violence Free Wairarapa, White Ribbon NZ

Key Organisers: Brenden Saayman, Reanne Tawharu and the Featherston Youth Programme, Naomi Oliver and Family Works, Robyn Ramsden and Connecting Communities Wairarapa, Siv B. Fjaerestad and Featherston Community Centre

Programme contributors (art, music, spoken word, Ki O Rahi, hooping): DJ AaronC, Featherston Youth Programme, Jeremy Logan (White Ribbon Ambassador), Lucy Cooper and Coops Hoops, Mike Ledingham, Saali Marks, Simon Fleck, Siv B. Fjaerestad

Technical support:  Aaron Cross, John Henderson

Poster design: Chris Miller

Painting and installation: Siv B. Fjaerestad, Hal Jones (volunteer), Brenden Saayman (volunteer)

Volunteers (flyers and on site volunteers): Cindy Gillies-Adams, Dan Wilmott, Debbie Malneek, Jocelyn Konig, Martin Turner (FW), Michael Dew (FW), Nici Nixon (FW), Tara Johnson, the youth from FYP and beyond.

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Volunteer Training – Free Course

“Community helping community the key to the first 72 hours”

Saturday November 1st Town Centre, Greytown

9:30am – 12:30pm Session One – Personal and Community Preparedness

1pm – 4pm Session Two – Gathering and Communicating Emergency Information

Saturday 8th November Carterton Events Centre

9:30am – 12:30pm Session Three – Providing Comfort in the Community

1pm – 4pm Session Four – Working in a CDC after a large emergency

When completed you will be able to ensure your personal, family and neighbourhood preparedness, share the preparedness message, be able to assist during and after an emergency supporting people, gathering information, and assisting at Civil Defence and Welfare Centre.

The course is free, bring your own lunch.

If you or someone you know in the Wairarapa is interested register by visiting www.getprepared.org.nz  via Connect with your community – volunteers, or alternately contact Kim Whiteman Kim.whiteman@gw.govt.nz  or 027 4465 628

Wellington Region Emergency Management Office (WREMO)

NB. You must attend session one first. Other sessions can be attended in any order so if you are available for a session you can pick it up in the next training round.

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Introduction to Video Game Art – Coming Soon!


Click to enlarge

Introduction to Video Game Art: This course is currently running at Kuranui College in Greytown. If there is more interest from our local community, we hope to be able to offer the course here. Course details: 10-part evening course. Suitable for all ages. To register your interest to do this course next year, or for more information on the course, contact deepwater3d@gmail.com or e-mail the Centre Manager or on 06 308 8239.

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Clean Up Featherston 21 Sept. Be there!

Due to bad weather yesterday Clean UP Featherston is now taking place this coming Sunday 21 September 10am-noon.

Part of the annual Keep New Zealand Clean campaign. Start and/or finish at the Centre, get your hands dirty and Featherston clean; followed by a well deserved cuppa. Tell your friends!

Where: Featherston
Date: 21 September 2014
Time: 10am-noon
Meeting Point: Featherston Community Centre, 14 Wakefield Street
Contact: 021 574 156

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Annual General Meeting 2014

The Featherston Community Centre will be holding its Annual General Meeting for 2014 on the 24 July, 7.30 pm – 9.00pm at the Centre at 14 Wakefield Street. Dr. Harsha will be a guest speaker with a talk on ‘How to Stay Healthy’. The agenda will include a minor amendment to the Constitution and a light supper will follow. To be nominated for the Board, please contact Sonya at 021 302 585 or fns.comcen@xtra.co.nz

Link to AGM2014 Notice Poster

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Spring Clean for Featherston

'Keep New Zealand Beautiful Week' is a nationwide initiative involving towns and communities throughout the country taking the time to stop and clean up their patch. The Centre is now the co-ordinator of Featherston's Community clean up effort. During the official week in 2013, we focussed on removing the litter alongside the railway tracks, along the main road and the block containing the petrol station. The turn-out wasn't quite as strong as in previous years – although suspicions were voiced that thumping rain and a strong southerly might have had something to do with it. Furthermore, there was the distraction of a certain international sailing event being televised at exactly the same time which may not have helped either. Next year we'll be looking to recruit more Featherstonians for Clean Up day by publicising the event more widely, avoiding major sportscasts and praying to the weather gods well in advance.

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