Our People


The Featherston Community Centre provides a community space for services, ongoing or one-off events, activities and classes for public and private users and promotes a high level of well-being in the Community by acting as a pivot in the co-ordination and delivery of appropriate services to the people of Featherston and throughout the South Wairarapa.


The Featherston Community Centre enhances the well-being of the entire community.

Joanna Baldwin - Centre Manager

Joanna Baldwin started as Centre Manager in May 2021.

I moved back to the Wairarapa from Lower Hutt in mid- 2020 - choosing to raise my children here surrounded by this wonderful community and being closer to whānau.  My previous employment roles have seen me working with businesses of all sizes, public service agencies, retail, health boards and Government. I have also had many volunteer roles in disability services, mental health, and youth development.
The Community spirit in Paetūmōkai Featherston is something we can all be very proud of and I am excited to be part of it.

Please feel free to drop in and let me know any Community Centre issues you want addressed and discuss some potential remedies.

Featherston Community Centre Charitable Trust Board:

The Board meets monthly. Its purpose is to set the vision, mission and direction for the Centre and determine how the Centre should operate by way of policy. Its role also includes overseeing financial matters such as budgeting and funding.

We strive for a Board that reflects the diversity of the community and the needs of the Trust. The Trust constitution allows a maximum of nine board members with provision to co-opt 2 additional members for special, short term projects.

If you feel strongly about supporting the Featherston Community and would like to investigate what board membership entails, please contact the board chair, Paul Mason at 027 282 8201 for information.


Paul Mason

Paul Mason (Chairman)

Paul Mason - Chairperson

I've always been impressed with how the Community Centre services the community, and I am thrilled to have the opportunity to serve on the Board; It's a great opportunity make a difference to our community and to help keep the Center thriving.

I'm a keen musician and enjoy entertaining in aged care facilities and other venues around the Wairarapa, singing and playing everything from Jazz and blues to country and classics. I'm a past President of the South Wairarapa Rotary Club and I work with Kuranui College students as a driving mentor, helping these people gain their driving licence so they can better progress and contribute to the community and to their families.

I also assist St John in the Wairarapa by driving the Health shuttles.

Marianne McMillan (Treasurer)

Marianne McMillan - Treasurer

I am a Chartered Accountant whose career has been in Audit and Risk across Government.   I have lived in Featherston for over 20 years and have raised two children here.   Featherston has been good to us and I love being part of the community.   Being the Community Centre’s Treasurer is a privilege and is my way of giving back to the community.   Being a lover of animals, we have a small farm in Featherston where my partner and I raise a few cows, alpacas and horses.


Cheryl Linge (Secretary)

Cheryl Linge - Secretary

Born in England, at the tender age of 20 I immigrated to NZ in early in the early 1970s. I first lived in Wellington during which time my career ethos evolved to focus on the not-for-profit sector culminating with the NZ Film Archive as its CEO.

In the early 1990s I relocated to a remote lifestyle property nestled beside the Whanganui River and in the first few years owned a tourism business providing jetboat tours to the iconic Bridge to Nowhere. I then held senior management roles with NGO primary health care organisations which continued after I permanently I moved to live in Featherston in 2009 until my Retirement.

Now a contended Retiree I wanted to use my spare time constructively and make a positive contribution to my community. Becoming a Trustee of the Featherston Community Centre has offered me an opportunity to put my management & governance experience to good use – the Board is a great team to work with!

Rupert Watson

Rupert Watson

Rupert Watson - Board Member

Rupert is a valuable Board member and a Feldenkrais instructor at the Centre. This gentle movement class offers a range of benefits for your body and nervous system. Rupert is also a musician and accomplished athlete in cross country, racewalking and track and field.

Ian Grigor

Ian Grigor - Board Member

As a Featherstonian for 12 years my wife and I have grown to enjoy the community and the businesses that have set up in the town. We migrated over the hill from Stokes Valley when we became empty nesters.  Working in IT for the public sector I have also spent time in Canberra and California for short spells.  A Rotarian for 21 years I have served in a number of roles.  Some time was spent on the Boards of our two sons schools many moons ago.  These varied jobs and locations have all helped build up life experiences which I can now bring to the Featherston Community Centre Board.
The asset of a Community Centre is something that few towns have and it is important that as a community we support the facilities in whatever way we can.

Darrin Goulding

Darrin Goulding - Board Member

I have been a resident of Featherston for some ten years developing a ‘life style block’ along the Tauherenikau River.
Previously I was a Director at St Johns New Zealand and more recently a Programme Manager within Capital and Coast DHB and Hutt Valley DHB COVID Response Team.

Lynda Moore

Lynda Moore - Board Member

I moved to Featherston in 2019 with my husband. My daughter and her family have since built a house in Featherston.
I lived in Upper Hutt for 20 years before moving, and I feel I have a greater sense of being part of my community in Featherston than I ever did in Upper Hutt. That is partly due to participating in events at the Community Centre.

In the course of a conversation with Jo at the center, I volunteered to be a member of the board, and am enjoying my time.

Jay Jensen

Jay Jensen - Board Member

I'm an aspiring Finacial Adviser, passionate about empowering our next generation to be the best they can be, to aim for the stars and hopefully hit the moon. I currently work withing the Financial Services Industry within a corporate environment but a tight knit team. People are at the centre of what I do. I'm very proud of what we achieve for our clients and the difference we make in their lives.
I have a keen interest in Financial Planning, Business Development and being part of something bigger than what is going on in my own. This is why I joined the Featherston Community Centre Charitable Trust Board, and it is my way of giving back to our rural community.
I have spent a great amount of my childhood in Wairarapa, particularly Featherston. More so in my teen years, riding horses with my Grandmother and learning about the lifestyle on the farm. Featherston is a fantastic community to be a part of.
Ehara tāku toa i te toa takitahi, engari he toa takitini.
My strength is not as an individual, but as a collective.