Car park resurfacing

Car park upgrades under way!

Old car park surface

Preparatory work for repair/resurfacing


Car park resurfaced

New chip-seal surface brings order to chaos


Layout diagram

Mark-out plan

Our car park has been repaired and resurfaced, thanks to the Provincial Growth Fund and the South Wairarapa District Council

For many years now, we have been in a constant battle against widening pot-holes and encroaching moss and weeds.

Pot-holes are the bane of any organisation with a car park.

Once a weak spot collapses, stop-gap repairs only exacerbate the problem as the new work - stronger than the surrounding old surface - stresses the old material and the hole simply gets bigger.

All this has been taken care of in one fell swoop by the application of a new tar and chip seal surface over the whole area.

Once the new surface settles, line painting will begin. This has been booked for the 15th of March and will be done over night.

Posted by Paul Mason