Your Centre Needs You!

Ask not: ‘what can your community centre do for you?’, but rather ‘what can you do for your community centre?’. Are you a dab hand with a hammer and would be keen to help on one of our biannual working bees? Do you have green thumbs and could help out with our flourishing garden? Are you a computer whizz and able to lend your expertise to maintaining our IT infrastructure or working on our website? Do you have a few free hours to help run the Centre’s front desk and extend the hours that it can be kept open? Do you have skills in marketing, communications, property maintenance or finance that you could lend to one of the Centre’s sub-committees or would you be interested in becoming a Board member? If you do think you might be able to help the Centre in any way (no matter how small) and were interested in doing so, please contact the Centre’s Manager.

Posted by Paul Mason in Centre News

Centre Makeover 2014

Thanks to some generous funding grants from our major supporters, we will be able to go ahead with a few renovations at the Centre this year. In particular, our bathroom and the main entrance require some immediate work so that they can be brought inline with the latest Council access and fire safety standards. In addition to those alterations, we’ll be improving the entrance to the Kauri room (aka the ‘Lounge’) as well as creating a brand new office space in place of the underutilised ‘waiting area’. We’ll keep you posted on progress.

Posted by Paul Mason in Centre News